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My Talking Tom Toy Collection

The My Talking Tom toy collection has a variety of interactive toys for children. One of their featured toys is the Talking Tom soft toy.


Who is Talking Tom?

Talking Tom the cat first featured in worldwide phenomenon “My Talking Tom” mobile app. He is a cutesy cat that repeats everything he hears from you or someone else. Talking Tom is voted the world’s most popular virtual cat – beating even Garfield! The Talking Tom soft toy that “talks back” is a very cute grey cat with whiskers, slightly furrowed eyebrows and adorable eyes. It is recommended for children of three years and above.


How the Talking Tom toy Cat works


Talking Tom Toy


When you press Talking Tom’s left leg you will hear a sound. Speak into it, and Talking Tom will repeat everything you say in a funny, chipmunk-ish voice. You can press its forehead, belly, and feet to begin interacting with it. Kids will definitely love this toy that mimics their words in a voice different than their own. It’ll provide these children with hours of entertainment and cuddles, too! It needs batteries for it to work. It is light, easy to hold with one hand, and soft.


Created by Outfit7


This toy was created by Outfit7, a developer company based in Cyprus. They started the Talking Friends family, which includes Talking Tom and Friends, as well as a range of mobile apps and games related to it. The company has a long history in the creation of successful toys such as Talking Tom, and has a software line with talking animals. Some of them include cats, a dog, a giraffe, a hedgehog, a bird and even a dinosaur.


The success of Outfit7’s toys has been great. It has led the company to work on an animated series of its characters with Disney. Surprisingly, this is one of the rare companies that evolved from the digital world into the real world. Some of their toys are even able to speak underwater: Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina or Ginger.


The acquisition of these toys can be done through the new online store of the developer (Talking Shop). They’ve got different sizes and prices, ranging from 12 euros to 45. The shop sells mobile phone cases, t-shirts, and school supplies with these Titles, too.


There are many toys that began as digital games for mobile phones and consoles that also end up being toys. Talking Tom is the main character. He is a witty and kind cat, funny most of the time. Since its appearance in mobile applications, Talking Tom has gone on to appear in many applications and digital games.


His feline girlfriend is Talking Ángela, a white cat, lover of music and travel. Little Talking Ginger is a funny and affectionate kitten, nephew to Tom. Talking Ben is a famous scientific dog and Tom’s best friend. Talking Hank is a blue and white dog that loves to watch TV.


Ending notes

He has been the most popular cat in the world and his career with Outfit7 doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! All over the world, Talking Tom is pretty much the most beloved virtual cat. Get your Talking Tom toy today! The Talking Tom Toy collection is in physical stores and on online stores all around the world. 

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