My Talking Tom Game | Talking Tom and Friends

Who are Talking Tom and Friends?

It’s a whole big world! You might have seen this cute, wide-eyed cat somewhere – My Talking Tom. Today, Outfit7, the developer of Talking Tom series, has over 20 games related to Talking Tom and friends! Who are his friends? They include Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, Pierre, to name the main few! They are the main five animal characters in the Talking Tom and Friends series. Tom is the leader, Angela; a white cat wearing a red dress, Hank; a white dog with blue ears and blue spot on his left eye, Ginger; an orange cat, and finally Ben an older looking gray dog. 


Talking Team

Under Talking Tom’s section, there are a plethora of games. Each member of his gang also has specific games that are catered to that character. 


Talking Tom and Friends are also a part of the Youtube channel and TV episode series that’s been running for two seasons already! Their third season’s trailer can be found here.


Let’s shop!

You can visit the Outfit7 shop to purchase their official Talking Tom and Friends merchandise. 

As of today, there is a 70% off of selected items special offer that is highlighted. Under the special offer, you will see more offers for yo-yos, t-shirts, and new items. They’ve also got a list of best selling items that range from toys to games. There is an abundant amount of merchandise that is available to a consumer. Toys, school things, fashion, and accessories are all tabs at the top for you to choose from. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You are able to search for specific items, too. If you’re looking to get the Talking Tom soft toy that talks, click here!


Are you smitten by Talking Tom and Friends yet? Download and play My Talking Tom today!

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