Mijn Talking Tom-kennisbank

Meet the world’s most popular and adorable cat ever! Talking Tom! In our My Talking Tom knowledge base, we’ll attempt to answer all your questions about the game. Does Talking Tom die? Does he live forever? Find out more about Talking Tom’s friends here! If you find the Talking Tom speelgoed super adorable, you’re not alone! Here’s more information on the cuddly toy! If you’re wondering what are the latest updates for My Talking Tom 2, Click here!

In our My Talking Tom Knowledge Base, we’ll try our very best to answer all your questions! Get rid of the other My Talking Tom Forums or wikis! We find them quite limited. Instead, devour some of our best, most curious questions, all placed inside our knowledge base! Sharing the good things is important!

Are you ready to take on the awesome responsibility of caring for your very first grey tabby cat pet?

Who is Outfit7?

Outfit7 is the gaming company that founded Talking Tom and Friends for Apps, animated series, and an extensive merchandise collection.   It is one of the fastest growing multinational family…

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What’s the Best Part of My Talking Tom?

Is there a best part of My Talking Tom that everyone loves? Well, it might all be different for everybody but one thing remains the same… Everyone loves this grey…

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What is My Talking Tom?

What is Talking Tom, really?   So you’re here wondering what is Talking Tom after hearing your friends talk about it. Talking Tom is an app that is both iPhone…

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Wat zijn de spellen die lijken op mijn Talking Tom?

To be honest, there are tons of games similar to My Talking Tom. Here’s the list of games that are similar to My Talking Tom, folks! Hamster Life Talking Garfield…

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What’s the Main Goal of My Talking Tom?

Hmm, have you ever played the game after 10 levels and wondered: what’s really the main goal of My Talking Tom? Does it even have a main goal? Find out…

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Sterft Talking Tom?

Does Talking Tom die in the game? Hmmm, you must be wondering if your beloved Talking Tom will die in the game. It’s not a weird question. One will certainly…

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Hoe krijg ik onbeperkte edelstenen in mijn Talking Tom?

How does one get unlimited gems in My Talking Tom? If you’ve played the game long enough, you’ll find yourself wanting for gems, fast. What can you do with the…

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Talking Tom versus Talking Garfield: Who & #8217; s beter?

Have you ever wondered, Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield: Who’s better? If you’ve taken the time to play each app, we’re sure you could easily decide which is better right away….

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Who is Talking Tom’s Friends?

What is a Talking Tom? Who is Talking Tom’s friends? Who is Talking Tom? Talking Tom is a children’s cartoon character which was first made as a virtual cat in…

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Wat kan Talking Tom in het spel doen?

Who is Talking Tom and what can Talking Tom do? Tom is an animated interactive 3D character that players can Tickle, Poke and Play (by use of the touchscreen &…

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