My Talking Tom Knowledge Base

Who is Outfit7?

Outfit7 is the gaming company that founded Talking Tom and Friends for Apps, animated series, and an extensive merchandise collection.


It is one of the fastest growing multinational family entertainment companies in the world.


It’s also the game developer for Swamp Attack (a game not many people really know about), Talking Tom Gold Run, and many more!


Outfit7 was first formed in 2009, and they take fun seriously (their motto). Their Talking Tom and Friends franchise is well known globally, and they are one of the few companies that transited from an app into a whole TV series armed with worldwide media coverage as well as a stunning line of merchandise!


Their fame exploded when they released the worldwide phenomenon, My Talking Tom. This was then followed by the other Talking cats like Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, and Talking Dogs like Talking Hank and Talking Ben. They’ve got 19 apps under their Talking Tom and Friends collection. And a jaw-dropping 350 million monthly active users and over 21 million YouTube followers.


Their video content series have got over 23 billion views.


The Outfit7 team comprises of 250+ members based in their offices located worldwide.


Download the game here to play on PC and MAC!