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What’s the Main Goal of My Talking Tom?

Hmm, have you ever played the game after 10 levels and wondered: what’s really the main goal of My Talking Tom? Does it even have a main goal?

Find out the Main Goal of My Talking Tom

Firstly, if your mindset is already ticking away like a checklist for this game, we advise you not to play it. Talking Tom is a very unique game, in which the player bonds and plays with his or her very own virtual pet. There is no “end-goal” in mind, except to enjoy the journey with your adopted tabby cat. However, you might be wondering if your Talking Tom might die. We answer that too in one of the Knowledge Base questions.


If you’re still hellbent on getting to know what the main goal of this game is, we’ll take you through what this game is about and what you can do in this game. One of the main objectives of this Talking Tom game is to take care of Talking Tom and help him to grow.


He starts off as a baby kitten and your goal is to help him grow through several stages. The stages of Tom’s growth starts off at the baby stage then followed by the toddler stage.


It can take time and patience to level Tom up to his next area of growth. You have to be sure to feed him on schedule and also be sure not to overfeed him because you can also make him overweight, yikes! As you take care of Tom, he will grow bigger, and will “evolve” from toddler to kid.


Talking Tom’s growth stages


After that, Tom grows from kid to tween and then to a teen.


The last three stages are from teen to student, young adult and then finally Tom reaches full adulthood.


Also, Talking Tom won’t be Talking Tom without a talking Tom, isn’t it? Tom can mimic words up to around 25 seconds and is much like taking care of a real live animal.


If you don’t care for Tom properly then in turn he doesn’t grow as quickly as he should. You can also help Tom to grow so much faster by buying and feeding him potions which will obviously speed up his growth. While this is the main goal for Tom, we completely believe when it comes to such virtual pet games, the main goal is to have fun.


This is a fun and interactive virtual pet game. The more you take care of Tom properly the more enjoyable the game is. You can gain coins which correlate to Tom’s growth levels. The best and most interesting part of this game is how it reminds me of the small virtual reality pets we used to carry around. The graphics on these were very poor compared to anything that’s out now, but the goal of those little pets are the same as Talking Tom. Although Talking Tom is notably more interactive.