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What’s the Best Part of My Talking Tom?

Is there a best part of My Talking Tom that everyone loves? Well, it might all be different for everybody but one thing remains the same… Everyone loves this grey tabby cat’s adorability!

Best Part of My Talking Tom

The best part about Talking Tom the game is the interaction that the player gets with their virtual pet.


Talking Tom is much like a real cat in the way that the player can re-name kitten and call him their own. The player can feed their kitten and watch it grow over time. You can also overfeed it and it’ll become fat (but we don’t want that do we?).


Cleaning up after your cat can be a real chore but the interactive process is a lot less smelly! Sometimes, Talking Tom even gets sleepy when this happens. We can put our cute kitty cat to bed through interactive features in the game.


Another unique and entertaining feature is that you can ask the cat to repeat the things you say (yup, this is where Talking Toms app derived its well-chosen name). The player can transform their voice into the game for up to 25 seconds, allowing their pet to repeat it to them as many times as they would like.


Talking Tom is also very fashion forward and customizable. The player can purchase skins, clothing, and multiple accessories to make their pet uniquely their own. If the player gets bored, Talking Tom can also visit his friends around the world. The activities available in this game for both your virtual pet and yourself are endless fun. We highly recommend the game because it gives you an extra something to do on breaks. Or whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, or even while you’re waiting for at the doctor’s office.


Most kids enjoy the game because they are not allowed to keep pets, and this game is the nearest resource they have to experience what it is really like to own a pet. Forget about the dirt, the hassle, and the price. Your virtual pet is pretty much within your phone’s four screens!