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What is My Talking Tom?

What is Talking Tom, really?


So you’re here wondering what is Talking Tom after hearing your friends talk about it. Talking Tom is an app that is both iPhone and Android compatible that was released in late 2013. Now you can play it on MAC or PC, here! The gameplay involves adopting a small cat, named Tom as indicated by the app title. Optionally, the cat can be renamed by the player.


Players are required to take care of him by tucking him into bed to sleep when he is tired, feeding him and taking him to the bathroom. There are also mini-games to pass the time and earn in-game currency to spend on things like a bathing suit for the kitten to wear.


Talking Tom grows


As you interact and care for the kitten, it will eventually grow by stages into a full-grown cat. The “Talking” portion of the app comes from the apps ability to repeat words or phrases that are spoken into the microphones on the device that is being used to play for a short period of time. The repeated phrases are put through a voice filter or modulator to make them sound different from the original voice.


The resulting voice from Tom is a squeaky higher pitched version of the player’s voice. Talking Tom does poses in the in-app purchases although it is not considered a “pay to win” game. The in-app purchases provide an easier time in taking care of Tom. They are, however, unnecessary to properly take care of him on your own.


There are also options to connect to Facebook in order to visit friends’ houses. Traveling around the “World” is also a gameplay option for those who wish to visit other cats. There is in-game currency which can be utilized to purchase clothing and cosmetics. Talking Tom also asks for permissions to provide push notifications to the user when Tom needs attention or the player has been inactive. The talking tom app resulted in several spin-off games including Talking Angela and Talking Tom and Friends.