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What Can Talking Tom do in the Game?

Who is Talking Tom and what can Talking Tom do? Tom is an animated interactive 3D character that players can Tickle, Poke and Play (by use of the touchscreen & buttons) within the apps. they can also get Tom to repeat what they say.


Talking Angela is Tom’s love interest, a well-styled white cat with a short temper, a love of travel & singing. Besides Interacting with other ‘talking’ series characters, here are some of the activities that Talking Tom can do in some of his games:

  • Jet Ski Racing (TALKING TOM JETSKI 1 & 2)
  • Decorate a house and play Climber Tom (TALKING TOM CAT 2)
  • Have water Balloon Fights (TALKING TOM CAMP)
  • Adopt a Kitten (MY TALKING TOM)
  • Build a water park (TALKING TOM POOL)
  • Do the Gold Run race (TALKING TOM GOLD RUN)
  • Do the Candy Run race (Talking Tom Candy Run)
  • Jumping over Cakes (Talking Tom Cake Jump)
  • Play Bubble Shooter (TALKING TOM BUBBLE SHOOTER)
  • Flirt, sing and give gifts with Angela, Tom’s Love (TOM LOVES ANGELA)
  • Write Love letters to Friends & Family (TOM’S LOVE LETTERS)
  • Create News with Ben (TALKING TOM & BEN NEWS), and more!

What can Talking Tom do in this game? We hope we’ve answered your questions!