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What are the Games similar to My Talking Tom?

To be honest, there are tons of games similar to My Talking Tom. Here’s the list of games that are similar to My Talking Tom, folks!

  1. Hamster Life
  2. Talking Garfield
  3. Foopets
  4. My Talking Panda
  5. Loy
  6. Bubbu
  7. My Kizi
  8. My Virtual Tooth (weird, ain’t it?)
  9. Alpaca World
  10. My Chicken
  11. Petville
  12. My Mammott
  13. Cat Cafe
  14. My First Dog
  15. Pet Society Vacation
  16. My Talking Angela
  17. My Talking Hank
  18. Joy Pony
  19. Babyz: Your Virtual Bundle of Joy
  20. Petz Horse Club
  21. Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack

These ones have been around for some time and are quite adorable too. If you’re tired of cats, you can adopt your own dog in My First Dog! Or even explore the world of horses with Petz Horse Club and Joy Pony. How about those from the Talking Tom series themselves? We’ve got Talking Angela, Talking Hank and Talking Ginger, too! Knock yourself out with all the games!

And if you’re thinking of downloading the game, then do it here!  Curious about the latest updates of the Talking Tom game, or whether Talking Tom will eventually die? Click on the respective links!

Talking Tom is a virtual pet game that is by far the most engaging on in the market, beating Talking Garfield right out of the cat league.