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Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield: Who’s better?

Have you ever wondered, Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield: Who’s better?

If you’ve taken the time to play each app, we’re sure you could easily decide which is better right away. Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield? We’re not alone in our opinion when we say that Talking Tom is better. Check out the Talking Tom and Talking Garfield showdown lowdown here!


Many would pick Talking Tom, and it’s no big surprise why. Firstly, many of us, if not all of us, always read the reviews and see if the ratings are high enough to even consider downloading the said app. If you refer to the Google Play store or the Apple store, then you’ll notice that Talking Tom has an average rating of four points, maybe five. Take a look at Talking Garfield’s rating. It’s subpar, with fewer downloads.


Let us talk about how it runs – let’s do a breakdown.


Talking Tom has at least three different friends who are also playable characters in their own separate apps and you can earn some clothing and diamonds just for playing those apps. Talking Tom also updates quite frequently and often updates the mini-games you can play within it.


With Talking Tom, you can connect and play with other friends via Facebook, depending on the device you can connect to the play hub. Tom has many different webisodes and kids just seem to love him.


Kids are pretty much the best judges when it comes to what is the top trends, and games such as the Talking Tom series and Talking Garfield are targeted for that kind of audience. Now, we do not want to completely bash Talking Garfield without a fair fight. We think it boils down to the nature of 


Garfield will always be the cool cat. He’s also got movies, shows, and his own little cult following. The app in itself can do fun stuff just like Talking Tom, however, Garfield lacks in many places. There are hardly any games, without which, we know can grow tiring fast. You cannot really feed him, or buy him clothes. He doesn’t grow progressively either, unlike Talking Tom. At least Talking Tom has friends to keep you entertained and amused for hours!


All in all, Talking Garfield should add more game features and also basic features like a growing Garfield or at least a storyline to keep the app growing. If not, it’ll be Talking Tom winning this cat battle, paws down.