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Who is Talking Tom’s Friends?

What is a Talking Tom? Who is Talking Tom’s friends?

Who is Talking Tom? Talking Tom is a children’s cartoon character which was first made as a virtual cat in an app by Outfit7, the same folks who created Swamp Attack. Who is Talking Tom’s friends? There are:

  • My Talking Ben, the Dog (brown dog)
  • Talking Pierre (green parrot)
  • Talking Ginger (kitten)
  • My Talking Hank(white dog with blue spots)
  • Talking Angela (white cat)

There are many different games within the My Talking Tom game, about 22, as of August 2018. Talking Tom and friends are also featured in TV shows & webisodes created by Outfit7 Limited, since June 2010.

The original Talking Tom Cat app came out in July 2010 for iOS, followed by Talking Tom 2 in 2011.

If you loveee Talking Tom’s friends and Talking Tom himself, feel free to try playing this personality quiz to find out which Talking Tom and Friends character you are here! If you’d like to download the game or find out about the Talking Tom guide, click on the respective links!

The latest Christmas update was out recently, featuring beautiful Christmas backgrounds and new outfits! For more information about the Christmas update, click here to find out.