My Talking Tom Knowledge Base

Meet the world’s most popular and adorable cat ever! Talking Tom! In our My Talking Tom knowledge base, we’ll attempt to answer all your questions about the game. Does Talking Tom die? Does he live forever? Find out more about Talking Tom’s friends here! If you find the Talking Tom toy super adorable, you’re not alone! Here’s more information on the cuddly toy! If you’re wondering what are the latest updates for My Talking Tom 2, Click here!

In our My Talking Tom Knowledge Base, we’ll try our very best to answer all your questions! Get rid of the other My Talking Tom Forums or wikis! We find them quite limited. Instead, devour some of our best, most curious questions, all placed inside our knowledge base! Sharing the good things is important!

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What’s the latest My Talking Tom updates?

The latest My Talking Tom updates started several years ago, with the Christmas update. People loved the idea.   One of the symbols that most represent Christmas, at least commercially,…

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