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Does Talking Tom Die?

Does Talking Tom die in the game?

Hmmm, you must be wondering if your beloved Talking Tom will die in the game. It’s not a weird question. One will certainly get emotionally involved playing with a cat this cute in the game!  So, does Talking Tom die in the game?

A cat has nine lives, haven’t you heard?

Rummaging on the forums, we’ve discovered that many peoples’ cats don’t die, and they kind of want him to – to sort of get a closure on the game! It’s funny. He’s an infinity cat, we suppose!

Since he doesn’t die, you can’t ever kill him off either, unless you uninstall the app. Most people tend to choose that option. Still, some others don’t have the heart to delete the app, especially after bonding with Talking Tom for this long! Well, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, you can’t say we don’t fall in love with AI or bots!

We hope we’ve clarified for you, will Talking Tom die in the game. Download your very own grey tabby Talking Tom cat and give new life to him! Let him grow on you and accompany you on your adventures! Now, you don’t need your parents’ permission to have your very own pet.

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