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My Talking Tom Guide

This My Talking Tom Guide is created for the user to better understand how to play this game – and really, what’s in it for him or her.


If you’re a newcomer to the game, rejoice! You’ve got your first virtual pet (yup, we’re not counting Pokemon as one of them). Apart from My Talking Tom, there’s a whole lot of his friends who also have their own “My Talking _____”. The most popular one, of course, is still My Talking Tom.


When he first gets delivered to you, you’ll fall in love with his wide-eyes (like when puss in boots become cute), and adorable smile. He is swaddled in cloth like a tiny baby kitten… you can’t bear to turn him away. Falling in love with your little grey tabby is one thing, caring for him is another.


In My Talking Tom, there are many things to do that would affect your little cat. First, you need to regularly feed him. You need to play with him (he’s always waiting for you), especially with the mini-games inside the game! Decorate the house to keep it sunshine-y and special. There are many levels for you to advance in the game, 999 levels to be exact. Slowly work your way up, but don’t treat it like a race or a competition! Enjoy the journey as if you’re raising a real-life cat of your very own!


Anyone who loves Talking Tom will bound to want to get the Talking Tom toy too. Have you also ever wondered which character you are, in the series?


About Talking Tom

Talking Tom is not unlike any other cat.


He wants someone to play with, feed him, put him to sleep and take him to the bathroom.


My Talking Tom presents the two editions of Talking Tom Cat 1 and 2. In this virtual pet game, you have to keep the Talking Tom Cat kitten happy, just as you would with a real pet. You can also play minigames with Tom, decorate his house and customize his appearance. Get coins in the game as you progress and unlock some unique and great items. The game has the same basic functions as the application, with some modifications since you will have to become the caretaker of Talking Tom Cat.


A great feature of the game is that you can make videos of your cat Talking Tom Cat and share them with the world, as well as visit the houses of other players, which have decorated for their cats. There is also a leveling system based on the time you spend with your virtual pet and ensures that your needs are met.


We hope this My Talking Tom guide helps you understand this game better!

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