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My Talking Tom Gameplay Tips: How to Raise Tom Well


If you want to have a pet Cat but your living arrangements won’t allow you to have one, then why not try taking care of a virtual cat instead? My Talking Tom is not the same as having a real pet, but it does help you simulate a similar experience!

The mechanics are the same—you have to raise a kitten into a happy and healthy adult Cat. If you want to make sure that your pet on My Talking Tom stays happy and healthy, read some of the best tips below!


Always Try to Improve Tom’s Mood

Just like any pet, your ultimate goal is to make sure it grows happy and healthy. So when you play this game, see to it that Tom isn’t sad. A simple way to make Tom happy is to tickle his tummy or tap on him to improve his mood. Another option is to check on the smiley face icon when you are in the main yard. If it’s low, you can go and play with toys or mini-games to keep him entertained.


Feed Tom Regularly

If you let Tom play with toys in the yard or have him play mini-games, he might get very hungry. So always monitor Tom’s hunger levels. If you notice that it’s low, then it is time to head to the kitchen and feed him. If you don’t have enough food in your kitchen, go to the store and stock up on food!





A pro tip, however, is to be practical when it comes to spending coins on food. For example, buying Carrots over Cheese is better because Carrots fill up Tom’s hunger levels faster. Once Tom is full, he won’t eat anymore. So be smart and feed him just right to save up some coins.


Earn More Flight Tokens

Do you know that Tom can travel around the world? Yes, every time you win and level up, you earn flight tokens too. Just to put it out there, you need experience points (XP) to level up. These points can be earned by attending Tom’s basic needs every day.

These flight tokens can let you travel to other countries and take photos to collect in an album. Tom gets to keep memories of his travels in that album, so make every adventure count for him! Travels will also make Tom very happy, so make sure you let him go out and see the world more often.