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My Talking Tom: Discover All the Mini-Games That You Can Play


My Talking Tom is a fun casual game that is very popular among kids and adults alike. Aside from feeding, bathing, or talking to Tom, there are a lot of fun mini-games you can play and have fun with.




Here are the amazing mini-games you can play with Tom to keep him happy and entertained. It will also earn you free coins on the side!


  1. Space Trails: This game resembles most .io games. You control a spaceship that collects space dust little by little. Your trail of thrusters will gradually increase and make it more difficult to move along with other players. If you bump into another player’s trail, you lose.
  2. Cupid Tom: This game is for those who have a good eye in shooting targets. Don’t miss or else you won’t earn your tokens and coins!
  3. Easy Squeezy: This game lets you tap and hold your pet to avoid bugs along the way. Try squeezing into some objects with the right timing and make sure not to hit the bugs or else you will lose.
  4. Totem Blast: This game has the same concept with match 3 games. You get to create special tiles and make some unique power-ups if you match more than 3 items. Another pro tip is to drop some flowers and get more tokens in return.
  5. Pet Connect: This is another matching game where you need to link pets of the same color and earn trophies as the end goal. Aside from that, this game also gives out flight tokens as a reward for playing it well.
  6. Ice Smash: Have fun shooting bricks with a single cannon! Keep practicing your aim and angled shots as the ball will just bounce on the walls and hit bricks along the process.
  7. Super Balloons: This game is so much fun yet you have to be very careful and avoid letting the bee pop your balloon. So you tap and hold your balloon but make sure its size won’t go near a bee. If there are no bees in the area, continue inflating the balloon until you finish the round.


Keep playing these mini-games until you earn enough coins that can let you purchase things for your pet. If you want to earn more coins, you can also opt to watch 30-second ads during gameplay. But to be able to do this, you must be connected to the Internet.

So go on and have fun with your pet Tom. Try not to spoil him though! You might also want to check out other My Talking Tom games that feature Tom’s friends such as Hark, Angela, Ben, and Ginger!