How to Play My Talking Tom

Taking care of a pet can be so tiring because it could also feel like raising a child. You have to frequently check if your pet has eaten, taken a bath, or if he needs to rest for a couple of hours. However, My Talking Tom takes on a fun and exciting way to take care of a pet. Aside from bathing and feeding, you can also talk to him, play mini-games, and dress him up!



That’s why it is best to download the game on your PC today. You can do this by clicking the “PLAY FOR FREE” button on our banner or by clicking the icon found on the lower right part of the site.

Don’t worry, it’s free! Just make sure your Internet connection is good so the download and installation will not be interrupted. Meanwhile, here are more features of My Talking Tom that you will certainly enjoy when you play it on PC.


Earn Extra Coins by Playing Mini-Games

When you start raising Tom, there is a section on the screen where you can see a game controller. That is simply a venue where you can let Tom play some mini-games. You can play puzzles, adventure, and action games, or even try out some sports games.

Playing any of these games can earn you free coins. Coins can be used to help Tom get the nicest clothes, house decorations, and even yummy food. So do your best to win. Tom wants to be happy all the time so winning is the key!

However, you have to keep in mind that you can only play mini-games if Tom still has some energy left. If Tom’s energy bar is low, and he is feeling very tired and sleepy, you have to put him to sleep first. A weak Tom is an unhappy Tom, so make sure he gets enough sleep daily!


Dress Up Tom

Tom may want to have a new look each day, so head on to the store and check new clothes or accessories. If you want Tom to look like a superhero or an astronaut, there are tons of costumes available. You may also give him cool shades, a fashionable bonnet, or nice shoes.

Aside from that, you can also customize the interiors of his house. All of these are attainable as long as you have enough coins to spend. So keep on playing those mini-games or watch ads to earn more coins.

This fansite offers you a free PC version of My Talking Tom. Just click on the download icon or go to our download page to get started!